Host a Scentsy Party

Interested in getting FREE Scentsy Candle Products and Rewards?  It’s easy!  Host a Home Party and receive FREE Hostess Rewards along with half priced items!

Home Party

With a home party we supply prizes, invitations and expertise. All you have to do is invite all your family and friends to come out and enjoy our exciting and unique Scentsy event and provide the refreshments at your party - the rest is up to us. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun of Scentsy, while earning your FREE Scentsy Candle products.

The party is held at your home or wherever it's convenient. The Scentsy portion of the party will last about an hour and half. If the party’s total orders reach a minimum of $150 (subtotal) everyone at the party will receive free shipping. Once all orders have been received, I will add up all the totals to let you know how much FREE Scentsy Product you’ve earned in addition to how many half products you’ve earned. Also if any of your guests’ sign up to host a party, at your party, you will receive another fabulous item half price.


Scentsy Basket Party

Scentsy Basket PartyAnother great way to earn free Scentsy Candle products is to host a BASKET PARTY. Are you too busy to host a party at your home? You can still earn FREE Scentsy Wickless Candle products with a Basket Party. You can borrow a “Basket” for 1-2 weeks (depending on availability).  We will check in with you after you’ve had the basket for a few days to see if you have any questions. 

Live Locally?

We will drop of and deliver you a really cute basket containing all 80 Scents, Catalogs, order forms, and possibly a warmer or nightlight for you to show your friends & family.

Live anywhere in the US or Canada?

We will mail you a Basket Briefcase that contains all 80 Scents for you and your friends to smell so all of you can choose the perfect Scent Bars. This ‘Basket’ will contain catalogs, order forms, etc. along with directions for hosting your Basket Party. Additionally, we will include Return Postage Paid for your convenience.

Basket Parties are fun and easy to take with you anywhere you go. Bring it with you when you get your hair cut (hairdressers love Scentsy), when you go to the Dr., etc. You will reap all the benefits that a home party has to offer. Once you’re done collecting orders we will get together and tally up the totals and you'll be able to choose free and discounted products just like a home party.

Contact Us Today to schedule a Scentsy Party.

Hosting a Scentsy Party Has its Rewards

Scentsy Candle Party

Our beautiful fragrance products must be experienced. Host a Scentsy party to discover what’s new, make fun memories with friends and family and earn Host Rewards for the products you love.

Get up to four Scentsy products at 50% OFF*

Earn FREE PRODUCTS equal to 10 to 15% of your party’s sales. Get an additional HALF-PRICED product when any of your guests hosts a party and you attend.

Thank you for your interest in Hosting a Party! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Contact Us.


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